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what to do when download doesn't proceed for days. And high upload vol


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I got the above url from net and put it for download that started.

The total files were 697 MB but after 13.9%, the download had stopped on July 6 evening, and could not resume in last 36 hours. I opened, closed the application, paused/ restarted and checked all preferences also but I could not make out anything that might have made it work.

What could have gone wrong? is there some pinging or other method of seeing whether the sources are still available and connected or what?


Further, it is showing some 27.3 MB uploaded. Now, that is horrifying for me. I never uploaded anything. And for automatic send-data info seems too high for such a volume of upload.

Is it possible somebody has got my things from computer? How to check what exactly has got uploaded?

I am on xpsp3 and having avg 8 free version antivirus and comodo firewall latest free version. As the download has proceeded for quite sometime, I don't there was any clash of that.


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yeah, I have uT 1.8beta.

"what is the availability" means what? How to check that?

I am new to torrents and it is the first time I am trying any torrent download. I don't feel inclined to read all that you have mentioned. I am not doing Ph.D. to uT, I am just downloading a few files.

seems I should uninstall uT and go back to http/ ftp downloads.

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Well on the General tab which shows all vital statistics for your selected torrent, it shows the availability. You cannot complete the torrent's data unless you have > 1.000 for availability. Availability * 100 for just your client is the same as your Downloaded %.

Edit: Yes, well bittorrent is not a streaming protocol like HTTP or FTP http://dessent.net/btfaq/#what

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availability is appearing on Transfer pane, may be beta variation. and it is 0.139.

and yeah, 0.139*100 is 13.9 which is the MBs downloaded two days ago and never proceedded a byte more.

So, what to do now? How to understand what is the problem, how to resolve that, why is there such a huge upload MBs?

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You cannot download any more than Available (availability).

There is no more transfer pane in the current 1.8 beta :/ If you want to get that content for the torrent you should look for more sources and / or post where you downloaded the torrent from. 13.9% is a bad thing, moreso if it's a "recent" torrent i.e. under 1 month old

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I had got the previous torrent from here:


the speedpeer one.

I downloaded mininova one and when I loaded that into uT, it said u already had that torrent loaded and asked do you want to load (something) from this torrent instead. I said yes. And it went ahead but nothing got downloaded.

k. I deleted that torrent from uT. and loaded the minimova. It went from 0 to 13.9% very fast and it is also stopping right there ever since.

So, what is cooking?

which of the other 6 ones to try? how to know which one would start the download and wouldn't stop in between?

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