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Upload Speed Problems


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Well, I have configured utorrent to run great, but I dont understand why I cant go past 120kb/s upload speed when uploading to many people. To explain it better, when I upload to people with a faster connection in Europe, especially people in my country of residence I cap at 3.4MB/s upload speed, although when I'm uploading to people in other countries that are a bit more distant my global upload speed seems to be capped at 120kb/s because no matter how many upload slots I allow and no matter how many torrents I run I still end up cappign at 120kb/s. So for instance, I seed 1 torrent with 2 upload slots, the speeds will cap at 60kb/s give or take some, If I add another upload slot instead of giving full speed to the next peer It will split 40/40/40, the same goes for if I start a new torrent. For example 2 torrents seeding, high priority no upload limit imposed whatsoever, with 2 slots for each torrent will give each peer 30kbs give or take a few depending on the peers download speed it might give more to another peer but the end result is always capped at around 120kb/s. I have everything set to unlimited, no limits are imposed whatsoever. So no matter how many upload slots, even 25 I will start to upload 120kbs/25 peers give or take a few. But this is not my limit because occasionally when a closer European comes around It goes to very high speeds, if someone in my country comes along them bam I hit my max 3.4mb/s upload speed. I have no firewall, Im connected directly to the internet without a router. I have left everything default in Utorrent except for the connected peers users and upload slots which i constantly fiddle around with to see if I get anything going. And once again I dont have global upload limits imposed at all, I have left it at 0 and the torrents actual upload limits are left at unlimited also. Please help guys :)

Edit: I have uploaded pictures of what I mean, I'm using utorrent 1.77 and 1.8 because I downloaded 1.8 to see if that would take the cap off, but it didnt.




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I saw a recent poster from the same ISP who had extremely similar problems.

But in a nutshell, locally you get excellent speeds...but internationally, you only get about 1 megabit/second upload speeds.

There may not be a workaround for that...and there's not really good settings to use with it either.

Local Peer Discovery is *SUPPOSED* to find fast local peers that exceed regular bandwidth limits. But I have a nasty feeling that if you use a router (and maybe even if you don't) that these local peers won't be recognized as such and will be limited in speed. They're probably on a different internet ip subnet too...so determining that they're "local" to you may prove impossible.

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