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Local Binding option


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Here's what would be nice: a local binding option for those of us with multiple Internet connections/NICs, so that one can make sure that uTorrent uses a certain specified Internet connection (not necessarily the Windows default NIC), and doesn't send Internet traffic the wrong way.

(Searched the forums, couldn't find anything to this effect.)

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It has been requested before. :P

There's a net.bind_ip function but at the moment it only binds the listening socket onto the adapter: it still leaves outgoing connections to Windows' choosing. :/

Okay, then, so are you/they going to do it? Is this feature "on the drawing board," as they say?

Thanks for the reply, btw. :D

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Already in the latest beta (build 389), I believe =]

--- 2006-01-01: Version 1.3.1-beta (build 389)

- Feature: net.outgoing_ip to specify which IP that's used for outgoing connections.

- Change: Auto detect how much bandwidth to use for DHT

- Fix: Fix some gui bugs.

- Fix: ESC didn't work in torrent props if the tracker editor was selected

- Fix: Sorting files tab by starting piece should show them in the order they appear in the .torrent

- Fix: RSS feed didn't show all the releases unless you manually selected (All) in the list


- Fix: No need to check if stopped files exist when starting utorrent

Download it from here.

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Thanks, although that doesn't cover all the details. I did figure it out for myself though. Anyways, local binding works fine both ways in the newest beta: Thank you once again for a great piece of work!

Here's a new suggestion, although it may have been requested before (so I'm not gonna bother posting a new thread ;)): buttons for "move to top" and "move to bottom."


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