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__===Forwarding Ports HELP===__


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Ok, I have had troubled port forwarding for months now. If your wondering I have been trying to port forward xbox live, world of warcraft, and utorrent. None have worked and I have done exactly what the guide from Portforward.com says but I get some stuff thats different from the guide. Let me first explain my setup.

wall/phone line----->westell 1600 DSL router----> NETGEAR wgr614v7----> my computer

There is also another computer connect to the netgear router

Ok so I go to the Speed Guide and it tells me to forward a certain port and I go to Port forward.com. Here is a picture of my Utorrent settings (heres a clearer pic: http://img98.imageshack.us/my.php?image=utorrentuy1.png : utorrentuy1.png

1st question:

In the "select your router" on Port Forward.com setup I have always been selecting for the westell 1600 router. Should I be selecting the netgear one? I'm confused on this because they both say router lol. I am not very good with this kind of stuff.

2nd question:

When I click the westell setup everything is fine until i try to enable the port: portfoward3sd8.png

I click ok for the Host thing (should I click cancel?). Then when I put the Ip's I found here: portforward2wi0.png

I got this:



If it helps. I have forwarded the port in Norton 360 and Windows Firewall has Utorrent as an exception.

Ok that is about all I can say right now. If you need any more info just say so. I have tried forwarding so many ports for everything. Nothing works. Your help is appreciated. Sorry about hiding all the IP's. I have been IP flodded before and it wasn't fun...

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Norton? Not a very good program. Anyway, see if you can put the Netgear into bridge mode, and then you can forward from the Westell to your computers. If you don't bridge one of those, then for forwarding you have to forward from the Westell to the Netgear, then the Netgear to your computers/whatever.

If the Westell uses PPPoA and you want to have that bridge, read my guide first.

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Bridge mode will stop the router from using something called NAT, which when used, makes port forwarding necessary. For each NAT, you have to have another port forward. If you put something in bridge mode, the NAT goes away, and that's one less port forwarding to do. You only need one NAT for Internet access with multiple computers/Xboxs. The option to bridge should be on the Netgear, poke around for it (probably listed under connection type).

If you can't find it, then check on your Westell, if your Westell has its connection type as PPPoA, then in order to set it to bridge mode you must first get your login and password so things can be setup right. If you want to bridge that, I'll tell you how once you have your login data.

...you don't have to set bridge mode, but if you do, you'll need to do less things whenever you want to port forward. And if you want UPnP to work, then the Westell should be bridged.

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So let me get this right. If I bridge my netgear router then will my port be successfully forwarded? Now you said it should be under connection type? what do you mean? Like when I put my IP adress in the address bar or when I go to newtork connections? Also will bridging the port leave my computer more vulnerable? Like I said, I've been IP flooded before.

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If the IPA's you hid started with 192.168, then they're useless to us. Anyway, the bottom line in regards to bridging is that, if you bridge one device, you need approximately half the effort to port forward stuff. Once bridged, you still need to forward in the other device. If you don't bridge, you need to double port forward.

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