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Problem with my modem config?? (not opening ports and slow download)

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Hi, I'm having problem with my torrent download particularly not opening ports and very slow download speed. The speed i'm getting is 5-10 kB/s or some time nothing at all even with so many seeders and leechers. I'm currently using utorrent 1.7.7

I have a Prolink Hurricane 5200 Modem/Router. I already followed this site on port forwarding of my modem:


but still the port that I'm using is still not open. The status on utorrent is yellow (no incoming connections) and sometime its turning red! (blocked by firewall/router). I think the problem is on the modem configuration itself.

I manually configured my IP. My modem IP is and i used as my local IP. I also have DNS manually configured which I got on calling on my ISP.

I want to list the things that I already did. I also put some pics:

1.) On the utorrent Preferences, I already configured the Connection, Bittorrent and Queueing. I used port 45682.




I checked the port if it is open/properly forwarded:


Still Error! Port 45682 does not appear to be open:


Also the status is yellow (sometimes it becomes red [!])



2.) On the modem (Prolink Hurricane 5200) config, I already configure port forwarding and also enable UPnP. There are some other settings under Firewall that I don't now what for such as IP/Port filtering, DMZ, RIP etc. I also posted my DHCP settings and ADSL setting if there's need of some tweaking there:













3.) On the Windows Firewall, I Add utorrent.exe in the exeption as well as I created Utor1 and Utor2 to add port 45682 (one for TCP and the other for UDP) in the exeption. I also checked Upnp Framework.

Utor1 for TCP and Utor2 for UDP




UPnP Framework


Local Area Connection (the one connected to the modem), I checked both UPnP TCP and UDP


BTW, I also have a McAfee Firewall but I disabled that already and also add utorrent and port 45682 in the exception so I don't think it's blocking utorrent. I also tried to disable both of my firewalls (McAfee and Windows Firewall) and still port still not open.

There's all the things that I already did but still no solution to my problem. I'm really guessing that it's the modem/router that's the problem.

Any suggestions on what I have to do to open the port and at the same time up my download speed.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance.

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Disabling a firewall usually doesn't work, but it looks like your port forwarding rule is wrong. Take out the source address, you shouldn't have a source address for incoming rules. Additionally, I think your setup is grossly configured. When you pick a speed on the speed test, choose your upload speed, follow this guide for setting up: http://utorrent.com/setup_guide.php

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Thanks for replying. I followed everything on the guide http://utorrent.com/setup_guide.php you said. I selected the setting according to my connection type.

One thing that I also changed was my Static IP. I followed this procedure from the guide you posted:

Routers work by attributing a "dynamic IP" to each computer when it connects to the router. Since this IP is dynamic it can, and often does change each time. The router selects which IP to attribute from a list of available IPs called the DHCP range. This range is expressed as either: Starting IP / ending IP, or Starting IP and number of IPs. ( to or with 100 IPs available). In order to setup a static IP for your computer it is important to select one outside of this range in order to avoid it being attributed to another computer by the router. Finding out what the DHCP range can be hard work since I have no router specific instructions to direct you to the correct menu. You'll have to find it on your own (you may refer to your router's manual for more information).

Before that my static IP which I manually configured is My modems IP is which is also the IP of the Default Gateway. So I checked the DHCP range of my modem so its from to So I changed my IP to so it will be out of the IP Pool Range of the DHCP. Did I do this right?

I also taken out the source address for incoming rules in my modems IP/PORT FILTERING. There are options there: OUTGOING DEFAULT ACTION AND INCOMING DEFAULT ACTION. Do I Allow or Deny both or only the Outgoing is Allowed (which is the default).

Now since my new IP is I deleted the one on the PORT FORWARD and Followed this guide again:


So is this right?


I saved the settings and reboot the modem.

Now I tested utorrent it does speed up a bit (10-20 kB/s) but still there's a yellow icon and sometimes red and I checked the port but still it's not open.

I have some questions:

1.) Now that I'm manually configured my IP do I turn off the DHCP on my Modem or just leave it?

2.) Also since I manually assigned a port to forward do I have turn off the UPNP on my modem and on the Enable UPNP port mapping on the utorrent setting or just leave it as is?

3.) Do i have to change my port number 45682 to more smaller like in the 10000+ range or it doesn't make any difference?

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You can leave the port mapping, the port number is fine, your posts are really big and confusing, the port forwarding rule picture looks right, DHCP can be left alone, allow everything on the rule.

Can you define your network topology? Example using mine: WebSTAR DPC2100R2 [Cable Modem] -> Linksys WRT54G [Wireless Router] -> Computers and Nintendo DS's

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Can you define your network topology? Example using mine: WebSTAR DPC2100R2 [Cable Modem] -> Linksys WRT54G [Wireless Router] -> Computers and Nintendo DS's

Prolink Hurricane 5200 ADSL Modem --> Computer

Also I'm using Windows XP SP2. I have no routers installed although I have wireless one. I think it should be easier to port forward without any routers involved. After I solve this then maybe I can install the router later and test it.


I used the Glanost Test to check if My ISP is manipulating torrent traffic but every result is OK. So it's probably not ISP related that I can't open my port in utorrent.

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