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Mem usage - uTorrent 11200 and Windows Server 2008


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I don't know if i post this here or the bugs forum...

My uTorrent currently have 9 working torrents and is running for about 48 hours.

30 active connections and 7 half open

Task Manager says that utorrent uses 9M RAM

Resource Manager says 29M(commit) 15M (working set) 6M(Shareable) 9M(Private) and 130HardFaults /min

My computer have 3G RAM

Resource manager says that is currently using 97% of the physical mem, in numbers, 2.91GB (from task manager).

Now I'll finish the utorrent process.

Resource manager says that i'm using 25% of physical memory (772M at Task Manager)

Restarting uTorrent

25% and 796M



Any additional question, please, ask...

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