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Utorrent Crashing at high speeds


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You could try running Defrag (under Computer Management) when you're not running torrents to consolidate your free space. That could help the disk write sequentially instead of scattered writes. If you do not want to use disk cache, you have some hardware options:

* Get a better hard drive. The performance of hard drives are not the same, so you may need a high performance drive to keep up with writes.

* Run RAID 0 (striped). Two hard drives become one volume so you can double the write performance. This can compensate for poor quality hard drive, but you also risk losing your data if one of the hard drive dies.

If you're renting a server though, I do not know if there is much you can do. If you have a lot of RAM, perhaps you can allocate more RAM to your cache and hope the disk writes can keep up. Play with the cache settings and you might be able to optimize based on your current hardware.

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