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Green Light for months, D/L Vista SP1 and now I have a blocked port!


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Modem is bridged with router, reset both and rebridged.

Went into router and made sure all the setting were correct pre-vista service pack 1.

Changed the port number on router and in uTorrent.

Uninstalled my PC-Illin Firewall crappy thing, installed AVG, added the correct port as an exception on AVG.

Windows Firewall is disabled

Had a support conference chat with Microsoft Vista support and they took over my computer and finally advised I seek help from uTorrent. So, here I am.

Uninstalled Vista Service Pack 1.

Color of the network status light in µTorrent's status bar (at the bottom of the µTorrent main window):

It goes from a yellow triangle to a red circle. There's no real reason for the difference. But it will occasionally still says that I have a firewall limiting my connection.

What the port checker from the Speed Guide writes: ERROR! Port is not open.

What the Speed Guide shows your settings to be (press Ctrl+G in µTorrent):

Upload set to automatic; Upload slots 4; connections 100; max global connections 400; Max active torrents 6; max active download torrents 5 - encryption is enabled.

What you have net.max_halfopen set to (Preferences > Advanced in µTorrent): 8

Operating system installed (Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95, NT? Something else?): Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1

Security software installed (firewall, antivirus, antispyware, antiadware):

AVG Free version; Spybot-SD Resident

Exact router model(s), and exact modem model- Router Belkin Pre-N Router model F5D8230-4; Embarq Modem series 660

ISP (Internet Service Provider) being used: Embarq

Connection type (DSL, cable, dial-up): DSL - Download speeds when I had the green averaged 350kB/s, up depended on number seeding, usually close to 100-120kB/s. Most recent speed test: Last Result:

Download Speed: 2696 kbps (337 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 135 kbps (16.9 KB/sec transfer rate)

Again, I had a green light for months, had the BEST speeds. It all changed with Vista SP1. I need help and I never ever ask, but I have a feeling other people are experiencing the same issues.

Thank you in advance for all the help!

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I figured out the solution for anyone that might have this problem in the future. I changed my IP address in my router and changed the port number. Also, when Vista upgraded to SP1, it changed my local area connection back to obtain IP address automatically, as opposed to the router IP I have fixed in there. So lots of tweeks and hours later, I fixed it. Darn that Vista!

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