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The ever need for speed


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To whom it might concern!

Dear Sir!

I have just downloaded utorrent because one of my friends has recomended it. All right, so far so good. I have selected the nearest possible broadband and I have aproved the program in F-secure and the test of the port is all right. I have written your seloutions but I can't find the problem. The triangle is green but the speed is slow. From time to time the triangle shifts to orange. I know that I have a 4 Megabit download/512 megabyte upload connection. I have selected the following connection: xx/512. What is wrong? Pllllllease help.

Yours truely

von Schalburg

PS: The downloads I have found will be down on my computer between 22 hours and ∞. Once more, what in heavens name is wrong?

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