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eduroam: problem started today, stop internet if start torrent


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me and some colleges began to have this problem, i did all recomended, tcp.sys and downgrade everything like is asked in :

gessed my college tired of us dl films and tv shows, the point is i have forward green port forwarding and it must be some nasty torrent detection, we had to have accept encrypted connections for it to work but now they aparently decifer it... like i have web spidering and lots of connections and works fine but when i start torrent all web and net prograns losse internet although my dhcp stays fine.

I can dl torrents but i cant open webpages and other net programs like messenger or updates lol.

then as soon as i exit utorrent everything goes back to normal... sad world, fortunatly galactica new season only starts in 9 months and u haver time to fix this lolol.


3 min after i start torrent:

Name Status Update In Seeds Peers

http://eztv.tracker.thepiratebay.org:80/announce offline (timed out) updating... 0 0

http://tk.comicat.com:80/announce offline (timed out) updating... 0 0

http://tpb.tracker.prq.to:80/announce offline (timed out) updating... 0 0

http://tracker.bitnova.info:6969/announce offline (timed out) updating... 0 0

http://trackeri2.rarbg.com:80/announce offline (timed out) updating... 0 0

http://vip.tracker.thepiratebay.org:80/announce working 27m 17s 4 68

http://vip.tracker.thepiratebay.org:80/announce working 28m 49s 4 68

udp://vip.tracker.thepiratebay.org:80/announce invalid url 25s 0 0

udp://vip.tracker.thepiratebay.org:80/announce invalid url 14s 0 0

been using random port until now and allways given me green.

Checking port 64159 on xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx...

OK! Port 64159 is open and accepting connections.



# EVERYTHING you've tried so far, including ANYTHING listed above

done it all

# Color of the network status light in µTorrent's status bar (at the bottom of the µTorrent main window)


# What the port checker from the Speed Guide writes

Checking port 64159 on xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx...

OK! Port 64159 is open and accepting connections.

You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections.

# What the Speed Guide shows your settings to be (press Ctrl+G in µTorrent)

really low settings...

# What you have net.max_halfopen set to (Preferences > Advanced in µTorrent)


# Operating system installed (Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95, NT? Something else?)

xp sp2

# Security software installed (firewall, antivirus, antispyware, antiadware)

comodo fw, antivir premium, and everything worked fine yesterday

# Exact router model(s), and exact modem model

Inter wireless pro 2200 from my side, cisco routers on the AP

# ISP (Internet Service Provider) being used

EDUROAM - european colleges wireless network

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i already had installed azureus phewc and made that settings, the most restricted and same thing incredibly as soon as torrent started it stopped accepting new connections, ive deleted all trackers that coulnt connect and that didnt helped also... tricky fellas in IT lol.

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You'll probably need an external proxy to access trackers.

Many colleges block torrent tracker connections.

Big names like thepiratebay.org seem likely to be directly blocked by college admins...at least if they don't want torrent overload on their network connections!

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