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Re-seed with new DVD images -> re-check at 99.9%


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Oops sorry, I was sure I was in the Troubleshooting section.

-- Router make and model, firmware version if you can find it


-- TCP/IP patch - yes/no, if yes, patched to how many half-open

Yes. 100.

-- Software firewalls, if any - these cause plenty of problems

Comodo 3.x

-- Antivirus software


-- µTorrent settings

Hmm, what settings? Everything?

The problem then.

I make images of 4 DVDs. I make a torrent out of them and seed.

I remove the images and torrent.

Later I make the same images with the same programs with the same settings (yes I'm sure).

I download the torrent file but now 2/4 DVDs are stuck at 99.9% re-check and I'm missing 4 MB.

I ask someone else to reseed and I'm able to complete my torrent and I'm now able to seed the complete torrent.

How/why does this happen? I've read some of the 99.9% re-check threads but I haven't found any case like this being discussed.

Can this really be related to hardware failure? I don't get problems when stopping a torrents for days/weeks/months and later resuming it. I tried doing the DVD images like 4 times but I always got 99.9% on the same DVDs.

I've done this a couple times before and it worked fine then.

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