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it will NOT download! help would be very much appreciated


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i recently downloaded utorrent, and bittorrent, installed it. then managed to get a few torrents. added them but they will not download, the ETA says infinity!.

also the bottom bar says "DHT: waiting to log in, 0nodes logged in" which i dont understand

and it also states "D: 0.0kb/s T:1.4kb/s", im not sure it means by T

oh it also says 0 leecher and 0 peers for both torrents

could it be the fire wall?

i am unsure of what the problem is and im not much of a tech head so can some please help, in simple english please.


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Such things are often caused by hostile ISPs, but you failed to mention what your ISP was, what the speed of your connection is both down and up, or the settings you're (trying to) using in uTorrent.

Or what version of uTorrent you're using.

Or if you have a router.

Or if you're running any software firewalls.

...See how fast the OpenOffice torrent/s download and report that back here, along with the above-mentioned information.

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I am also facing same problem mentioned here. I am using a company provided laptop with broadband connection at home from a X service provider. If I use the utorrent to download then it will says same message regarding DHT & yello triangle appears & disappears there. But at the same time with same X service provider & same usage plan one of my friends desktop at home with no comany settings can working very well with download speed of 78 KBps & having fast download also.

Please help! Is my companies setting of laptop not allowing me to use peer to peer sharing using. If yes please guide me on settings of the same or I need to use seperate machine for utorrent.



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How can I tell?

I neither know what settings you're trying, nor the speeds of the various connections down and up, nor the ISPs, nor any of potentially many other things that could cause problems.

1st and 2nd link in my signature spells out alot of what we need to troubleshoot.

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