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No connection could be made because the target machine actively...


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...refuses it.

This is the error I get on almost all the trackers on anything I download, I have tried the links in peoples signatures and they have not managed to solve the problem.

I have noticed in my Event Viewer that the ID4226 keeps popping up although I did the patch, which seems to have failed.

I am on Vista (32-bit).

Can anyone help?

(If I can't get a solution soon then I guess it's bye-bye Vista or bye-bye uTorrent).

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Just installed Vuze, works flawlessly.

Is there anyway to force Vista to allow more half-open connections, I get the 4226 error still in my Event Viewer. The auto-patcher doesn't seem to work.



Entanet based (TitanDSL).

Yes, it worked.

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