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Torrent between Friends

Majestic One

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I think we have done everything correctly - but obviously it is not working.

I read the FAQ - 2 - The Tracker and still have issues.

Run Down:

we were on the phone doing this but am now off, but will continue again 9pm pacific tonight.


My bud, Tom made a torrent file of a video he wants to share with me and emailed the torrent to me.


he entered in the tracker area: http://his_IP:80/announce

and right below that entry in the same tracker field he entered [on my request] http://his_GATEWAY:80/announce

is the gateway ip needed?


we've tried port 80 and 8080 - is this a problem?


he get's no errors, nor do I - i just don't see his seed and cannot download.


The embedded tracker URL is: http://your_ip_address:port/announce (where your ip is your computer's ip address and port is µTorrent's listening port)

does uTorrent's listening port have to be "dedicated? i randomize my port each time.


The embedded tracker must be enabled in: µTorrent menu > options > preferences > Advanced > bt.enable_tracker: set to "true".

i did this too.


edit: also i have restarted uTorrent each time i changed settings etcetera

also all firewall settings are right for both parties - he windows, me ESET SS

v1.8B both of us


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hahaha - makes sence to me - dud - see there's some real dummies out there - know what i mean? LOL

ok we'll try that later tonight, and i WILL rsvp when it works.

by the way Ultima - where did all my old posts go? are they deleted fter a while?

thX again, -Chris


edit: yes, jewel - his ip for his creation and my ip for my creation... that what you're saying?

thX for the ip addy Ultima!




we have tested and i have 2 machines and can up & down fine with them. but he and i cannot get a connection. shows 0(1) peers [now it says 2(3) why?.

he downloaded a "sample" torrent from a website to see if his client was in fact working and it is. any ideas?

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You need to use a port that's not blocked by your ISP.

Usually port 80 and possibly port 8080 is as well.

Try ports above 10000 instead.

Make sure the incoming listening port you use is not firewalled by your modem, router, and software firewall/s!

Next, make sure you're not being crippled/blocked by a hostile ISP like ComCast, Cox, Rogers, or Bell Sympatico in Canada. If you are, either the connection speed will be much lower...and require forced encryption to work at all -- or you may not be able to get and stay connected.

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What may be faster than sharing a torrent would be to set up a VPN or Virtual Private Network with your friend and use "map network drive" to give the folder you need to send a letter so it will show up as a drive on your friends and then copy.If you have Vista search VPN network in ask.

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It'd be faster in that once the VPN is set up, it's easier to do, but in terms of actual transfer speed, it shouldn't be much (if any) different. As well, you wouldn't have per-piece hash checking with just a simple file copy, meaning if you transfer a 4GB file, and just one tiny section was corrupted along the way, you'd have to retransfer the entire 4GB file. In terms of reliability and data integrity, BitTorrent is definitely the better alternative :P

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I would definately agree with you as far as general p2p, that's why the utorrents etc were made, but VPN would have it's benefits in a single file private setting. On a different note, i've just seen a gadget that uses your home electricity wiring to make a network! 2 plugs each take an ethernet and the home wiring carries the data! Rather stick to wire-less but clever all the same. Did you have any success majestic?

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  • 1 month later...

No, folks... I haven't had any luck yet - but just found my old posts to see them again [for a while my acct. said i had no posts [ugh!]]

as of late my buddy will be offline for a month or so...

yes i am on cox network, but my uTorrent has seemed to be downloading ok, and we set up our file sharing [torrents] so they were port 80 and 8080; and none of our tests worked. I understood somewhere, i would need to do "port forwarding" no matter what??? is this also true for 80 and 8080?

VPN, don't know much of it - he's in Montana and I am in Las Vegas, so dunno how well that would work.

I started looking into stuff like WWW File Share Pro. anybody have any comments about this possible method?

thanks again, all


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