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Red Exclamation mark.. Not connectable


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Ok.. So here is my problem.

Recently my UTorrent will not connect correctly. On the bottom there is a red circle with an exclamation point. The error says, "A Firewall/Router is limiting your network traffic. You need to open up a port so others can connect to you."

Ok.. So, I don't have a router, so that can't be my problem. My windows firewall has utorrent added as an exception.. like it always has been. I never had a problem with it before.

MY ISP is Verizon Wireless Broadband....

Does anyone have any possible solutions?

Thank You :)

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Most wireless ISPs only give you a LAN ip address that shares a single internet ip between multiple connections via a commercial/business-class wireless router.

It makes you permanently firewalled in uTorrent, as the blockage is on their end, at a router you cannot port forward.

You may be able to pay them extra so they will port forward or give you a unique internet ip.

But that probably is only for business accounts that cost lots more. :(

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