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the sequence list of the name in `Files` tab is not 100% correct, eg.:

[name] [Done] [%] [#pieces] [Pieces] [Priority]







in order, `name2` dir comes first of `name` dir.

Just fix the word sequence..

thanks for µtorrent!! it WORKS!

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Try making files and calling them name10 and name2 and testing that again... You'll notice that XP behaves in the same exact way (by not explicitly saying that name is name1, it's not being listed correctly as part of that sequence). Now I'm not trying to say that this shouldn't be "fixed," but just saying that it's not a bug either.

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windows ordering of files is wierd. The logical way is to sort by the first letter,

then the second letter and then the third letter etc

Which mean that 'name' that is four letters should come first, not 'name2' which is five.

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I used TweakUI, but that only affects the order of the name10 and name2. It would appear that your XP is tweaked or somewhat screwy, as it's supposed to list name10 before name2 when left on alphanumeric sorting (as opposed to lexicographic sorting). In either case (tweaked or untweaked), name appears before either numbered folders.





That's how it's always been for me on just about every computer I've used, and I'm almost 100% sure that's how it's supposed to be, period.

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