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upload severely impacting on download speeds


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I've searched, but can't find a precise answer for my situation. I've just made the jump from Azureus to utorrent. I'm on 1mb ADSL so my max download speed is about 120kBs and my max upload 31kBs.

In Azureus, I had the upload capped at 27kBs and it did not affect the download speed at all; I regularly achieved 110-120 kBs.

In utorrent, if I cap upload at 20kBs, no problems - happily downloading at 110kBs+. However, if I cap upload above 20, then my download HALVES to 5-60kBs. This means that I can't get near the maximum uploading capability.

Can anyone explain why this may be, and is there a way around it?



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