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utorrent can download, but mozilla and other apps. cant connect


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hi, i just noticed last night that when i run utorrent, i am no longer able to surf the internet. even google takes forever but to no avail. i cant open any webpage at all. antivirus and other apps can't connect as well. This has never happened before. I didn't change any settings on my pc or utorrent. the only significant thing i can remember is installing windows updates a day before i noticed the problem. i also noticed that my download speed got significantly slower. I usually get 100 - 600 kb/s downloads but now it's only at around 30 kb/s. The uploads are still ok. here are my settings:

global maximum no. of connections: 800

maximum no. of connected peers per torrent: 125

max download rate: 0 (unlimited)

max. upload rate: 30 kb/s

i have no firewall software, only windows. my antivirus is nod32. OS is windows vista home premium. i am using a laptop by the way.

even when i exit utorrent, mozilla is still unable to connect. the only way i could connect again is by doing a restart and not running utorrent.

please help.

thank you

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what kind of answer is that? of course I have tried to truobleshoot and I have not find a solution to the problem yet.I have the problem that nothing will connect to internet when utorrent is running.

Ultima, I am reading all things I kind find, and I will post a logg in my own thread soon if I can't solve this.It's hard to find what to do when everytning is in a different language then I speak, but I am doing my best.I even chanhed the language showing in utorrent to english so the things that are namned in the troubleshooting is the same in my utorrent.

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Check uTorrent's max half open limit in advanced settings. It defaults to 8, but setting it any higher will probably cause just the problem you're having...because Microsoft hard-coded a 10 max half open limit into Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista.

(From here on, is nothing but off-topic rants by me)

DreadWingKnight said: "My problem is that 90% of the people who post the way that you do don't actually troubleshoot the way that they claim."

I'd say it's over 95%.

Of those that bother with uTorrent's Speed Guide (CTRL+G), most plop in whatever DOWNLOAD speed their connection has and run with that.

Then come here and complain because they can't read directions...and/or don't know how fast their connection is. :rolleyes:

Or they did some uTorrent speedup stuff as seen in a YouTube video...and now uTorrent or their internet or their whole computer isn't working right.

Quite a lot of people seem to think uTorrent is firewalled on their computer because something's wrong with uTorrent...instead of a router or software firewall is blocking uTorrent.

Or people make their first post, complaining that the troubleshooting stuff didn't help.

Yet post nothing of actually what it is they're having problems with.

...Or what troubleshooting they've done. :/

A big pet peeve I've had as of late is more and more problems are caused directly or indirectly by "bad" ISPs. But a newcomer cannot search for others on the same ISP with similar problems...because almost nobody mentions their ISP! :(

Sometimes it seems like the same idiot posting the same problem over and over again, just changing his nickname in an attempt to get us to answer questions covered in detail by the FAQs and guides. :P

And the real topper of it all, is the Announcement above. Hardly 2 days go by without someone getting mad that we trashed their post over that. Doubtful most people would go to Mozilla Firefox's website and ask THEM how to use a game they downloaded using Firefox...but we get questions like that all the time. :o

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Posting in the thread with justification for the ONLY title change I've seen in recent memory ;)

Addendum to why-users-who-are-used-to-spoonfed-answers-are-lame:

Too many people have forgotten how to use their grey matter. They think PAYING for something is always an option. And reading is OPTIONAL apparently.

Regarding ISPs maybe BT, Inc. will be able to get an "inside track" to certain network management practices not currently available due to prohibitive costs (I'm sure their budget for R&D consists of more than paying their employees... like consumables such as different "bad" common router types) or maybe even poking the ISPs engineers with BT's engineers to come at some sort of non-descriminatory non-selective QoS. In truth, there will be people bitching about ANY network management, but I think to preempt an adoption of SSL for torrent clients as a new "feature" in the coming months the ISPs really should allow their engineers to do more than adopt some company's hardware to "fix" their problem. I've found engineers make some quite astounding conclusions following thorough marination on a problem, after being given adequate tools to solve them.

Open Query: Guides are only useful if people think to use them... but most who complain about anything around here don't even think that far. Are there any other ways besides certain users utilizing their sig as a "go-to" to make those kinds of guides more visible?

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Some wizard in µTorrent might make things slightly easier (if designed correctly), perhaps. If it's something on the forum or website, then I doubt much else is going to help -- consider users that don't even see the Announcement up top.

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