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How much longer u think torrent r going to last


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federal goverment has finaly goting off there but and r starting to crack down on almost all the major p2p

almost all major p2p including bittorent. under some new ruling can be found liable now for copyright infringement and the fact that more in more country r starting to agree that there needs to universal laws for the internet ingeneral i guess my question is what is the future of the internet not just bittorent

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BitTorrent is just a protocol. It can't be made illegal, that's akin to saying "some people run warez FTP dumps so FTP is now illegal".

However, trackers tracking illegal content and sites hosting torrents of them could go down depending on legislation. People seeding illegal content could always get in trouble. If the developers market it as a "movie downloading program" or something, and profit off piracy in some way, it is also possible, though unlikely, that the developer of a BT client could get in trouble.

But BitTorrent will never be made illegal.

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The ruling was in favour for the companies, however it merely states that anyone who makes a program which is solely intended for illegal activities may be sued.

Also, any developer who encourages people to do illegal acts with his application also falls under

this flag.

However, bittorrent is and will remain legal, and if you read some of the articles posted over

at slyck news, you'll even see that Bram has signed a contract with the movie industry, clearly

indicating that bittorrent is a legal way of exchanging files between peers.

(however, as previously stated in this threads, trackers and persons sharing illegal content will

still be as illegal as they were before this ruling happend)

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I believe people are talking about the Grokster Supreme Court ruling.

And in that case, it was ruled that because Grokster used a file-sharing network (fasttrack) that allowed users to share copyrighted material illegally (copyright infringement) that Grokster was libel for that...they were somehow "inducing" infringement of copyrights.

If the same ruling was applied wholesale to copy machines, CD/DVD-recorders, personal computers in general, etc...it would be totalitarian if enforced or anarchy if ignored. I don't like the latter, but it's certainly preferable to the former!

Freedom of the PC computer presses!

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