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Definitely WinXP Service Pack3 Issue


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First posting so be gentle:

After many happy months/years using utorrent various versions always connectible, I noticed today that I was apparently no longer connectible

The only difference was the installation of WinXP Service Pack3

So uninstalled the update and the green connectible icon instantly appeared.

I know the basics of torrenting, enough to know about port forwarding, firewalls etc.

My speeds have been consistent with or without Service Pack 3

But, I don't know what the problem with Service Pack 3 is, or if there is one, just that with it installed then uTorrent reports being un-connectible.

As I understand it, the WinXP Service Pack is pretty critical so I will install again and live with utorrent being un-connectible, hoping that someone more technically minded than me will figure it out.

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ok - SP3 reinstalled and the red icon is back :(

Will uninstall Kerio

OK - Kerio & AVG uninstalled and no difference - still a red icon but normal transfer rates.

So I conclude there is a conflict between utorrent & SP3 at the moment. Possibly, all bit torrent applications as it also seems to apply to Bit Tornado

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Before I installed sp3 on July 6th I have never had a problem with utorrent. Since then I've had crashes on July 7, 10,11,12 and 14. SP3 won't uninstall, so I'm stuck with the problem.

I also lost the functionality of my wireless USB connection so am now hardwired into my router.

I have Norton Internet Security running (and have had for the last three years) and no other firewall/anti virus program etc.

If the problems aren't being caused by SP3, it's a hell of a coincidence.

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