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Too many files are seeding at once


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uTorrent has begun to start seeding too many files at once. Under Queueing, I have Max number of active torrents set to 6. I have max active downloads at 2. This should mean seeding 4 files at once. When I start up uTorrent, sure enough, 2 files start downloading, and 4 start uploading. However, as time passes, more and more files change from Queued Seed to Seeding. Right now I have 13 seeding (only 5 are actually doing anything at the moment). What's going on? To remedy, I installed version 1.8 - didn't help. Removed app data\ settings.dat and settings.dat.old and reconfigured uTorrent all over again - didn't help. It is getting to the point that if a torrent isn't classified as Finished, it is Seeding - dozens and dozens of files, which should be queued instead. uTorrent had been working fine for the six months I've been using it, this is new behavior. What's up?

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