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Something automatically changes my global "Upload Limit" in utorrent


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For over 24 hours, Utorrnet has about every 10 minutes automatically reset the global "Upload Limit" to what ever the upload speed was as of that time, exampel:

"if the upload was 5.3 it will set the 5.3 and likevise if 48.5 it will set to 48.5"

It does not matter what I my self has set the global "Upload Limit" to Unlimited or any thing, it keeps changing, and ofcourse this becomes a downward spiral, if it sets it 20 next time i must be 20 or lower.

I dont know when this stared, not that I dont have seeded, but now I have joined a torrent community with shareration.

What I want to know is:

First whats causing this? (name if some kind of maleware)

Second how to fix it? (I dont mean, format reinstall)

Third is I the only one this happend to?

My Software

Win XP Pro

Utorrent 1.7.7


Sunbelt Personal Firewall

AVG virus

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