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Yellow status light


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Just recently returned to U-torrent still a novice thought. Seem to be having first problems:- Got the yellow light and can't download tested forwarding port and is open.

any ideas? sorry if i don't understand i am a bit new to this please go easy on me!

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like you have the same problem.I dont want to dishearten you, but i hope you dont encounter the same probs as mee in sorting this out.I have followed all the instuction by many experts on various forums.I have done the same with port forwarding.com. All i know, is that out there all the areas you are directed to in trying to sort out, what seem to me a simple hiccup,is full of computer geeks talking a load of bo****ks. Geuss I will just have to live with my problem or switch to Limewire.as is does not do " exactly what is sayson the tin"

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man i have done everything you guys have said.

its exactly like he said

i sat there for DAYS... reading forums and doing what they said... i have tried like 20 different setups on my utorrent...

i have port forwarded like thousands of ports but none of them work.

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man i have done everything you guys have said.


What settings are you using in uTorrent?

How fast is your connection both down AND up?

In Ultima's Troubleshooting Guide, did you actually post the information asked for?




4-6 hours tops, your problem could be solved for probably <30 minutes effort on your part.

(Mostly just waiting for us to respond.)

But if we are "flying blind"...knowing nothing about your computer and networking setup...we can't help you.

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ok well my settings are

randomzie port each time utorrent starts - unchecked

enable UPnP port mapping - checked

enable NAT-PMP port mapping - checked

add utorrent to windows firewall - checked

max upload rate 250kb/s

max download rate 0 [0: unlimited]

global maximum number of connections 200

maximum number of connected peers per torrent 50

number of upload slots per torrent 4

use additinal upload slots if upload speed < 90% - checked

enable dht network - checked

enable dht for new torrents - checked

enable local peer discovery - checked

ask tracker for scrape information - checked

enable peer exchange - checked

limit local peer bandwidth - unchecked

outdoing - disabled

allow incoming legacy connections - checked

maximum number of active torrents (upload or download) 8

maximum number of active downloads 5

is that all the stuf you need?

and i dont get your second question?

my up and down speed?


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