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just some speed queries


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Hi, assuming had followed speed guides for 256k, port has forwarded correctly, average of 50-100KB/s download.....

how to get high speed download from seeders/ peers with >1 MB/s?

doing 1 single torrent at a time. most of the time is only 30-40KB/s from them.

is this a case of settings or throttling?


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around 8-9 mbps dl on speedtest, ard 260K for ul.

had done many trials/ error with settings i.e utorrent, router firmware, format pc (XP).

usually ard 50-100 KB/s for 20 seeders and 15 leechers.

have seen peers hitting 600-800 KB/s but uploading at 15-20 KB/s for the same torrent.

hardly get seeders sending 500 KB/s and above, except once in a blue moon.

i'll guess this is the main concern of my question.

anything missing?

p/s tks Firion and the rest of the crew, u have been very helpful.

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Who the heck has 500 KiloBYTES/second upload speed to devote PER upload slot?!?!

Even assuming they're uploading to only 4 other people, that'd be a total upload speed of 2 MB/sec...or 16+ megabits/second.

With your upload speed FAR lower than your download speed, the only way for a torrent swarm to "feed" you high download speeds is at the expense of the other peers. :(

On extremely well-seeded torrents, where seeds outnumber peers 4-to-1, that may not be a problem though. :)

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well, like wha i have said...."once in a blue moon".

had received 1.1 MB/s from a single seeder before. was connected to 7-8 seeders with around 20+leechers for that torrent.... if i still remember. running on luck eh?

so there's no way to go above the values i have stated i.e 30-40 KB/s per high seeder?

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A peer may snub another peer, but the snub ends if the snubbed peer uploads fast enough to the 1st peer.

There is always meant to be an excess of peer and seed connections relative to how many are actually uploading/downloading. This is why upload slots are so much less than max connections per torrent. It is more efficient to upload to few peers at a time and cycle through them than try to upload to all at once at very low speeds. Packet overheads eat effective download/upload speeds up doing that. :(

These links may help your ISP problem/s:



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