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need help


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i have started a seedbox service ,today i gave webui access to a user

well i had set the global upload speed to 0 in the settings connection option

but it keeps changing to some other values after 5 sec the values get changed to 21,81 etc variable

i checked the utorrent logger and saw that a ip is getting logged after every 5 sec which is changing the upload speed to less i cant even ping the ip address it gives request time out but still its getting logged

i think some one is running a script and creating this nuisance i want to block the ip form webui as well as the box

I also want to remove settings from utorrent webui I dont want my costumers editing they own speeds and stuff. i dont want them to change anything...

how can I do it??

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Ip access WITH the changed-setting? There IS the default "automatic" option if you recall in Preferences. However by default you won't see changes THAT fast.

Double check the access URL. If it's not too much trouble, also try out using 1.8 as your base... iirc it was modified to NOT allow un-authenticated changes.

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i unchecked automatic now but how do i remove it from the javascript which part i have to edit


Double check the access URL can u plz tell which url i am supposed to check

and the restrict access to certain ip option what does it do does it allow certain ips or bann certain ips

and there is a ip getting logged every 2sec in the logger for the past 24 hrs which i cant even ping request time out

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If you are not a programming guy then you cannot do it. You have to delve into the code and you will understand we're not gonna spend a few hours on it for you.

Especially since someone with a little skill can easily give direct commands to the µtorrent core regardless of whether the option is visible in the settings or not. If someone wrote a script he assuredly is already doing exactly that.

The baseline is that the current webui is not made for multi-user environments.

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Same problem! I think its easy, but i dont know how.

Which file do I modify in webui.zip? Or "Read the files and figure it out" myself?


maybe here: (example)

"<td>"+WUILang.Glob_max_downl+" ("+WUILang.kbs+"): [0: "+WUILang.unlimited+"]</td>"+

"<td class=\"alr\"><input type=\"text\" id=\"max_dl_rate\" class=\"Textbox num\" maxlength=\"6\" /></td>"+

in "content.js"


Its very easy! google my best friend:D

The answer is: (content.js)

"<td class=\"alr\"><input type=\"text\" disabled=\"disabled\" id=\"max_dl_rate\" class=\"Textbox num\" maxlength=\"6\" /></td>"+

...and voala the maximum upload rate is disabled, and unchangeable!


If you want disable checkbox:


"<input id=\"upnp\" type=\"checkbox\" />"

"<input id=\"upnp\" type=\"checkbox\" disabled />"

and the checkbox is disabled.


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