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crashing computer


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i tried searching for this but didnt really find anything. i had a problem before with utorrent crashing, which has been fixed. i went through the whole set-up guide and everything works great as far as download speed and such. but after utorrent is running for a while (30 min or so) a blue screen comes up (NOT the blue screen of death thank god) and my computer reboots. this happens even if there are no downloads going on in utorrent. i dont have nvidia firewall anymore and am not sure what i should do.

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The screen says:

A problem has detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.


then it gives me steps to fix it, saying to make sure my new software or hardware is installed correctly. i dont have anything new.

then it says dump of physical memory

would not having a driver do this? thats what it looks like from the error message

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