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port forwarding/download speeds


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Firstly, I am not very computer literate and am a simple user only. In otherwords, I am an excellent driver, but I dont know the first thing about ny cars engine, other than where to fut the petrol.

I am having the common problem of the dreaded yellow triangle. I have visited portforwarding.com and followe alltheir instruction to the letter. However, I still have the yellow triangle. When i test if the port i have forwarded is in fact forwarded using the test on utorrents speed guide, it tells me that it is not. I have gone through the portforwarding.com procedure three times now in checking....same same. why does it appear to someone like me, who is not a computer genis, that a simple thing like using utorrents in its simplest use becomes rocket science.

i am also experiencing very low download sedd but upload speeds seem to be 4 times faster.

Can anyone help please.

In replying, please imagine that I am an infant.I do not understand computer speak, abbrieviations and technical phrases.Yes when I comes to computers I am a caveman


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Computer networking is a WHOLE lot more complex than it was in early dial-up days.

You may have port forwarded your router just fine. The listening port uTorrent uses needs to be forwarded from your router to your computer's LAN ip address (typically or similar -- is possibly your router's LAN ip address).

You could even have multiple software firewalls, 1 "standard" software firewall such as Zone Alarm (which is total junk) or Windows XP's...and a mini-firewall hidden in your antivirus/antispyware software. These need to be configured to allow uTorrent access to/from the internet OR to be removed.

Your modem may also be a mini-router and/or firewall...that needs to be configured or disabled.

portforwarding.com can help you do that at least. :)

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thanks gents. I followed everything you sugested, plus I went through everything again with portfowarding.com........nothing, so I left it running at snails pace.totally pissed off and went shopping for she that must be obeyed.......just ad another peek and bugger me..ITS WORKING.I HAVE A GREEN AND THE PORT IS NOW OPEN


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