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I am having the same trouble as you.... Any info would be greatly appreciated... I have some info for you as well; Cricket monitors traffic and "throttles" your downloads. I called tech support at Cricket to no avail. They are as dumb as crickets... (pun intended). Also, they have a static ip... means everytime you connect, the ip adress changes...? Keep logs from everytime you connect... then you can have a better idea of the range you use for your area...

It is a pain in the ". But, hopefully someone will find a way to get around it and help us forward ports.

I called the *611 and asked them to change my modem number. I gave a bogus story about too many sms. After they reset the account. My download speed jumped from 18kbs to 125kbs... That lasted for about 6weeks. Now, i'm back to below 20kbs...So, there is definately something going on?

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