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Xp Sp3


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I have read other threads about Utorrent being slow with XP Service Pack 3. A lot of times it has been dismissed but I have 2 computers 1 with XP (original) and 1 with XP SP3. I format them quite regularly and ALWAYS the following is consistent. With XP (original) I can get up to 440kb's with XP SP3 70kb's Max. I have tried loads of things to fix it with no success.

The problem is not:

-a particular software that i use

-firewall set up

-open ports

-internet connection

-the version that i use

-or anything trivial like that

There must be a load of people with the same problem. This problem has been consistent for about a year now. I waited to write this for a long time.

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Doesn't Opal Telecom DSL/Talk Talk in the UK really cripple uTorrent/BitTorrent traffic?

Or you're using really awful networking drivers/hardware on the "slower" computer?

(wireless + USB for instance is usually extremely bad.)

Without the requested information, even if you think it's "perfectly correct", we can only assume the worst.

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