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Utorrent Ports- open one sec, and not the other. horrible!


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Hello !

so, last night before I went to sleep the speed in utorrent was great, about 150-180 kb/s. it's always like that btw.

so, I wake up, and I see that the speed is suddenly very low, between 0-5 kb/s! it probably happend just some time after I went to bed because the download was 80% complete (the file is only 650mb).

I check the port, and I get a messege saying it's ok. but after a few seconds (really!) I do the test again, and I get an error. it keeps doing that, open once, not open the next test, and I truly believe that that is the source of the problem. I tried several ports.

I don't have a router, I have a cable modem.

thanks for anyone willing to help


Edit- I forgot to mention, lately (the past week or so) I get this on almost all torrents: Tracker status: Offline (timed out). until now it didn't really disturbed my downloading speed, but perhaps it has some effect on it now...

Edit II- ok, I just noticed something else. it ain't uploading. it uploads for a few mins and then stops, and I get the infiniti symbol.

can you say.... depression?


WOW GUYS thanks for all the help!!!!


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