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200.00kb/s down, 600.00kb/s up -- can i make it more 1:1?


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I have a 100mpbs fiber optic internet (in Tokyo).

On popular new torrents (with 40 seeders and 1800 leechers, to use a specific example), after ten minutes or so, i stabilize and am DLing at 200kB/s and ULing at 500~600kB/s.

I'd like to make those a bit more even, like 1mb/s DL and 1mb/s UL. (I got that with Azureus in similar cuircumstances.)

Currently, i have these settings:

-Global max connection: 333

-Max number of connected peers per torrent: 55

-Number of upload slots per torrent: 11 (with "use additional if < 90%" checked)

Are these settings logical? How can I improve them?

Thanks for your help!

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It's not really unsurprising because there's so many more leechers than seeders. It's much easier to upload a lot on torrents with lots of leechers than it is to download.

On that note, try the beta, it should improve your speeds both ways. And set an upload cap to your actual maximum, it works far better that way. (just use 12500 KiB/s or something, since you have 100mbit, and raise the upload slots)

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wow, thanks for the tips!

i'm using 1.3 build 364.

it's 8 hours later (good morning!) and i've set it up to 1000/500/22 as per Miffo's suggestion, and levelled off at:

S: 19 (162)

P: 288 (3557)

DL: 150kB/s

UL: 446 kB/s

However, it's now 11am Monday, so I'm thinking there's a lot more traffic than there was last night at 3am -- I'll see how we do tonight after midnight with the 1000/500/20 settings and let you know. :)

edit - short while later, its at 262 and 607... deja vu!

edit 2 - i hit 400up, 400down for a little while, with 40 seeds adn 110 leechers connected. I can live with that. :)

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i did indeed get the new beta yesterday, when i got the 400ul/400dl -- im at 50 upload slots now too, but my popular torrent finished last night, so i'll have to wait for a new popular torrent before i can report back again.

thanks again for the assist, esp. you Miff!

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