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[toolbar] Clean 1.0

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Didn't like the default theme and at the time I didn't find a nice toolbar to replace it. Made in Fireworks (I like it :P,) it's nice, simple and clean looking.

Updated to 1.2





1.0 (July 16, 2008)

Initial release

1.1 (July 18, 2008)

Adjusted lines on Documents

Shadows Rebalanced

Modified Remove Torrent Icon

1.2 (December 28, 2009)

Adjusted some of the gradients

Adjusted Bevels (Most noticeable on Check and Cross marks)

Added more shine to the Search

Removed Arrow on Search

Redone the fade and shadow on "Remove Torrent"

Changed "Add Torrent from URL" text from www. to http://

Replaced shadow on "Add Torrent from URL" to prevent crossover to "Add Torrent"

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Heya Truth o/

Smooth set, but some constructive criticism, if you don't mind... :)

The icon styles aren't very consistent. You have the first few icons that have relatively dark outlines, then you have those icons that have no real outlines at all, and have very rounded edges. As well, the magnifying glass is slightly unclear.

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Hey Ultima, \o

Eh, I know its lacks some consistency, and I've used too much shadow on the magnifying glass. So somewhere along the lines, I forgot them, and now they don't quite fit together. Easy to fix, and should have been from the start, but at first this was used personally. So not much care was put in.

Edit: Updated to 1.1

Edit: I dislike paper with round corners. :P

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