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I thought I would post this here to let you all know.

I've been working on a simple tray app so that I can access the uTorrent Web UI from my desktop (it didn't work in my browser for some reason). It was really a personal project but I thought it would be worth sharing.



All the info and downloads are at:


Hope this is useful to some people.

Edit: Oh and thanks to Ultima for the Web UI API

Update - Version 0.6 Released

Added some multithreading and other small tweaks.

Added a "Raw Command" window so you can use any features that I haven't implemented. All commands available via the Web UI API.

Added a settings tab so you can see your settings.

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MSVS '05, C#, .Net 2.0 :D

I think I like it. Did you implement all the available features?

It's a bit odd for it to be available via some WebUI alternate UI but not the browser. Did you check your browser version against the "supported" versions list in the sticky? What about trying the modified ZIP files?

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I did implement most features. You can't change any settings just now, and you can only add a torrent url.

I'm aware its a bit odd having a GUI for a Web UI but I just wanted to be able to track things on my desktop. As I say it was a personal project more than anything.

I didn't check the supported versions list. It did work once (I was using IE7 after finding out it didn't work in Firefox 3) but it just kept loading forever. Not the actual Web UI loading message but before that even appears, the browser just seemed to load forever.

I didn't know there were modified ZIP files. Where can I find them and I'll try them.

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I was actually working on something similar a while ago (lol, look at the torrents listed for a frame of reference), but kinda gave up on it because my JSON parser was too slow (and I screwed up the initial design decisions, which made it difficult to implement things). I recently (as in ~2 weeks ago) started playing around with it again (a rewrite from the ground up), but time constraints have kept pushing it to the backburner for me. Still very much something I do want to complete some day.

At any rate, nice stuff there, gilbitron :)

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Thanks Ultima.

Lol nice torrent list. Yeh the JSON parser was the hardest bit for me. I would like to make it multithreaded so it would run a bit smoother when parsing the JSON. It was a cool wee project though.

Edit: I just released v0.6. See above for details.

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Looks good! However the shortcut it installed in my start menu looks for "D:\GILBERT\Personal\SVN\uTorrentGUI\uTorrentGUI\bin\Release\uTorrentGUI.exe" instead of c:\program files\uTorrentGUI\uTorrentGUI.exe where its actually been installed to!

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