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UTorrent - Settings Profile!


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Hi UTorrent Programers,

I had this idea of a "Settings Profile",

so you can save it on your hard disk..

or even when you would update UTorrent,

it is putted temporary on your hard disk..

to put the settings over into the next "version / beta" of UTorrent.. when updated / reinstaled.

To be honest i get a bit tired to reconfigure all the settings of UTorent that i used in the latest version.

Please UTorrent Crew, take this into your consideration.

<3 a BIG Fan

Keep up the inovative work..

(Please excuse me for the lack of my English and grammar)



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Thanks for the free wise guy comment mister smart ass,

Anyway.. nope the settings are not carryed on to the next version if I go from one to the other with me.

Cant the "UTorrent Team" consider to make this a automatic feature?

Thanks Firon for your normal response.

Some people just always like to flame..

Greetings.. Micro

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