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problem with low speed and trackers offline


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hi, I've been using utorrent for quite a while and had it set up to work good for my connection (a not so fast 2megabit/s 256kb/sec upload). I have been using it with good results for months.

Now since a couple of days I've been having some problems. 2 days ago I started getting the yellow triangle sign which would mean I am not accepting incoming connections. My port is forwarded correctly, I ran the built in test a lot the past days and always got the message that my port is open and accepting incoming connections. So why did I get the yellow triangle error sign? Sometimes after waiting for about 5 or 10 minutes the yellow triangle would turn green (network OK) but the download speeds were still very bad. Also before every download the icons were now all turned red.

Anyways...somehow the yellow triangle sign is gone for good now and I have the green 'network OK' sign immediately every time I start utorrent, but all my torrents still have the trackers offline error (red icons in front of torrents). It would be too much of a coincidence that 10 torrents all of a sudden have their tracker offline. I don't know what's wrong, can anyone shed some light?

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Certainly 10 torrents at once is too much for your connection, IF they have any activity on them.

256 kilobits/second upload is only rated for 2 torrents at once.

It'd be pushing your connection pretty hard to use 4 torrents at once with 3 upload slots each and at least 24 KiloBYTES/second upload speed max.

Has your computer's LAN ip changed? (That'd explain the yellow light, even having it only "sometimes".)

Do you have uTorrent's half open limit set higher than 8? (If so, a windows update will "break" that.)

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Thanks for the replies. I know that 10 downloads is too much for my connection, I wasn't saying I was downloading 10 torrents at once, but I currently have 10 torrents lined up in utorrent for downloading and all of them changed from a perfectly healthy good working torrent to all of them having their trackers offline (red icon) since this problem started 2 or 3 days ago. Since yesterday at least I do always get the green network OK icon again.

I'm not sure if my ip has changed,for as far as I know I have a static ip here. I'll keep an eye on it the coming days to see if it changes.

Yes, I have the half open limit set higher than 8 and did get some windows updates. I changed it again now and the torrents are working a little faster but still all of them have their trackers offline.

I download open office, speeds are good but still get the trackers offline error.

It would be to much of a coincidence that all 10 torrents used to work perfectly and since this problem 2 or 3 days ago all of a sudden all icons turn red, including open office, right? Might my provider be blocking something?!

Thanks for your time!!

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