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Speed's very high on my laptop, very slow on desktop


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Hello all.

This is my first time posting, but I've read through a lot of the posts here, and have still yet to find a problem like my own, let alone how to resolve it.

When downloading from my laptop, I get speeds as high as 250 kilobytes/sec download. However, when I use my desktop, the speeds I get tend to be no higher than 50-60 kilobytes/sec.

Both computers are connected to the same router. The laptop is connected wirelessly, the desktop is wired.

The laptop is connected with a Turbo G card, 108mbps.

The desktop is wired at 100mbps.

I have the settings set the same on both computers, the only difference being the port I forward to each one.

I have tried swapping the ports, but the desktop is still much slower than the laptop.

Both computers are running Windows XP Pro SP3.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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