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Hide/Show uTorrent line remains on screen. please help :)


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hi all, i'm new to this board and a semi-new utorrent user. it is a great program. however, i just got a new computer that runs windows vista basic 32 bit acer aspire 5315-2077. i went to check on utorrent and went down to the u icon in the system tray on the bottom right in my screen. i right-clicked on it and it brought up that little box with all the options i could choose from. i chose "Hide/Show uTorrent". it brought up the utorrent box like it's supposed to, but the 'hide/show uTorrent' line did not go away.

i wish i knew how to put a screenshot in this message so everyone could see what im talking about if i didnt make it so clear. what can i do about this? thanks 2 everyone in advance!

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