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Delayed start for u-Torrent...


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I've noticed, that uTorrent sometimes messes up my login to other online services, and thus I've made a little delay-program, which delays the start of u-torrent by 5 minutes (in order to let my login's finish, before starting u-torrent).

This works good for me, and I guess that I'm not the only one, with this problem, so if you'd please tell me how to upload my addition, I'll be happy to contribute to this nice little program, and eventually to let my addition serve as an inspiration, to make a "delayed start" option, to let u-torrent start up with windows, with a delay.

By now you can see the program, at http://www.bechnygaard.dk/utorrent/delayed-start.exe (NB: the program is made to operate on a DANISH computer, thus it might need some 'fixing' if you'd like it to run on a computer i.e. with english language, I'm no expert, so this is an issue for somebody with more programming experience than me...).

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Start with windows... means start with windows.

Thanks for the app though.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<MACROMAKER ID="1003"><MACROS><MACRO Name="Start u-torrent forsinket"><repeat>1</repeat><id>9</id><COMMANDS><INS0><id>4096</id><DelayInterval>300000</DelayInterval></INS0><INS1><id>4106</id><Arguments></Arguments><DirName></DirName><FileName>C:\Programmer\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe</FileName><WindowName>µTorrent 1.7.7</WindowName><RunIfOpen>0</RunIfOpen><ShowStyle>2</ShowStyle></INS1></COMMANDS></MACRO></MACROS><RECORDINGS></RECORDINGS></MACROMAKER>

You need to compile it or something?? There's several other scripting languages people use around here, for instance Ultima coded BFE from my signature in Auto-IT

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