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Seed torrents that haven't finished yet?


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I tried uTorrent1.8 but some trackers won't allow it as it is still pre-release and I cant find where I am to hold Ctrl and select on uTorrent 1.7.7

all that seems to do is allow me to select multiple files.

What am i missing?

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what about if you select the unfinished files and select Don't Download as in the picture, that is how I do it. utorrent will seed all downloaded parts once they are downloaded even if they are selected as Don't Download when you want to seed.

then when you want to download some more you just need to right click the file and select normal Priority again and it will resume. I think this works with all versions of utorrent and that is one of the main reasons that I use it.

It is also very useful for building a ratio on a new site because for example you start to download a 4.5GB DVD iso image, as soon as you have 2 or 3 parts completed you can select to skip the iso and carry on to seed and if you leave it like that for a week you will end up with a very nice ratio to start you off

i hope the picture explains. if you click the link above the picture you will be able to see a full sized version

This Picture has been re-sized. Click here for FULL SIZED Image


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