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New Vista user-having numerous issues after installing utorrent


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Hello everyone,

I am brand new to Vista, I have only had it for a few days and am still learning my way around, so if any of you experienced users would be kind enough to help me in my limited knowledge, it would be greatly appreciated. I have been researching these threads all day and it seems I am in way over my head!

I installed the latest version of utorrent last night and attempted to download a torrent file which was appearing as unavailable at the time. I canceled the download with the intention of trying again later. I then attempted to open some of my other files, and each time the utorrent interface would open, as if the programs were trying to open through utorrent.

I then tried to run a game from the disk, and recieved an "operating system" will not allow access error. (I wish I would have written down the exact error wording, it was late and I was not as observant as I should have been)

I rebooted hoping that utorrent would be disabled and that my files would open normally, but instead I found that some of the icon images on my desktop were missing, and that I am unable to open IE7, or any .exe file for that matter. When I try to open my files, I am getting an "open with" dialog box.

I decided to try to uninstall utorrent, and followed the instructions I found on the utorrent site, I deleted the utorrent .exe and it's folder in %appdata%. But am still having the same problems. I cannot run system restore, or even system info, as these also, are coming up with the "open with" dialog box.

By some miracle I was actually able to run both Windows Defender and Ad-Aware, as these appeared in the "open with" list. No problems reported in either case.

I would post my system info here, if only I could get to it. But as I said, I can not even view it at this point.

I am on Vista Home Premium. Sorry for such a lengthy post, I am trying to be as specific as I can about the steps I have been through thus far. Thanks for reading and for any ideas you may have, I am at a loss!

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