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Torrent dilemma!!!


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Hi there, I from INDIA with a dilemma, I am a recent user of torrents, also recently I got my Broadband connection which gives a variation from 32KB/s to 250KB/s line, unlimited download. Although, I get usual speeds of more than 200KB/s, I cannot understand why my torrents speeds are so slow .

First of all, I would like to tell you that I am new to downloading torrents or rather what you would call newbie's (noob) but I would call myself ignorant .

Now to my problem, Let me explain my first Download procedure, I googled about it and I found a torrent client called Bit-torrent . I had downloaded it, having version 6.0.1. Now, I had long new about Piratebay.org , I found it very nice . I wanted to download a Indian movie called Bhoothnath . I searched for it in pirate bay, and downloaded the torrent file. Following are the transfer details (offline). As, I had told you , I was ignorant , I had made the setting in BT to automatic or default. My download limit was made unlimited and upload was up to 11KB/s

I don't understand why this is happening?? With so many seeds for hancock, transformers and forbidden kingdom. Why is downloading so slow?? What am I doing so wrong. Please can someone help me out in this.

P.S Also I use NOD 32 anti-virus, AVG, Avira and Norton. Does any of them affect torrents. Are my ISP or Broadband providers block my torrents??? And lastly, even if I don't download anything else with the BT client, the speed is still slow!!! Please guide me someone?


Sorry for the long post:rolleyes:

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This is going to get deleted...

ask the same question without referring to any media or tracking sites

"This forum is NOT for help with anything you've downloaded! Ask for help with downloaded files and the thread will be deleted.

Posting about any illegal sharing of copyrighted content is strictly FORBIDDEN."

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