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[HELP] Rss filters


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I am having a small problem with utorrent's RSS downloader filter. If anyone can point out what I am doing wrong it would be appreciated.

Basically I have setup utorrent to monitor the feed "http://www.animesuki.com/rss.php?style=alt" for a specific anime series. With the default filter settings it find the series i want to download automatically. The Problem is that on this feed there are more then one quality of file such as VxiD and h264 (both of which are not in the quality drop down menu) and with the default settings utorrent downloads both. Can anyone help me specify the filter. I have tried the * ? | Wildcards but just cant find out whats wrong.

If it helps the anime I am trying to download is:


The default filter with fan sub group is:

Sekirei Chihiro

The torrents file name is:


And I want do download it in the XviD format. any one help!

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