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more port forwarding woes


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i've followed the instructions on the port forwarding website on how to configure my router but still when i do a test to see if it has been forwarded properly it hasn't

(it is a dynalink one, but not one of the ones listed on the FAQ page containing the ones that have problems with utorrent)

what is also puzzling is that when it says "Checking port 15255 on" that isn't even my number. i could be wrong, but i assumed that it was supposed to be

has anyone else had these kinds of problems or can anyone give me some tips?

would be greatly appreciated as my utorrent downloads are running at speeds below download speeds

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That is your external IP. You don't forward to that IP, but that is the IP that everything on the internet sees.

When forwarding a port, you have to set a static IP for your machine outside of your router's DHCP range. If necessary, make the DHCP range smaller in the router's config.

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