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Very Few Seeds Sending Data

Ze Fool

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Probably working as designed. You have downloaded something from many of them, just not at the moment of the screenshot. Your settings in uTorrent may be bad for your connection...though at the moment you don't have too many ip-to-ip connections at once.

Upload slots is how many peers you're uploading to PER torrent at once. Max connections Per torrent is how many peers and seeds you try to connect to per torrent. If the 1st (upload slots) is a LOT smaller than the 2nd, then there's lots of peers a seed isn't uploading to at any given moment.

There's lots of peers and seeds that have their upload speed set to less than half what their connection can do, are running many torrents at once, often with multiple upload slots each. So even if you do manage to download anything from them...they're REALLY slow.

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