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Greeting All !! im kinda new to all this so any help would be greatly appreciated im currently tying to increase my download speed which is running between 30-50 kb/s and my up speed is between 8-11kbs...

Now i have gone through the u torrent set up guide and tested my speed with slackware and reached down speed of 200kb/s > and was wondering why i cant reach that speed with other files i download ??

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Your download is someone else's upload.

If you're only able to give out 11 KiloBYTES/second, then other peers are more likely to upload to someone else.

Likewise, other people often cannot upload really fast either.

...And those that do, often split their upload too many ways...so each peer they're uploading to might still be getting <3 KiloBYTES/second on average.

Too many connections at once is often worse than too few.

So try reducing connections per torrent down to only 30.

Also, experiment with upload slots set from 1 all the way up to 5. My guess is upload slots set to 3 or 4 will probably net the best results.

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