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Browsing suffers, Upload prevails


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Note: I am using uTorrent 1.6.1, so maybe my problems could be fixed by using the latest release.

I have followed the speed guides etc, and forwarded the proper port. I have a 5MB/s down and 2MB/s up connection. I was downloading a torrent and the speed was never hitting more than 60 kBps and usually stayed around 40 kBps, and my upload speed was not going over 0.4 kBps. I was OK with the download speed, although I didn't understand why the upload speed was so low. However, while the torrent was downloading, my internet browsing was acting slower than dial-up. I tried the TCP connections patch for Windows XP, and I changed the port uTorrent was running on. The download speed in uTorrent stayed about the same, although occasionally the speed would randomly shoot up to 400 kBps. Upload speed remained extremely low (0.0 kBps usually). Web browsing speed remained excessively slow, despite low torrent download speeds. I knew something was still wrong.

Well, eventually the torrent finished. Now download speed is 0.0 kBps (as expected), and upload speed is a healthy 100 kBps. Web browsing speed seems to be normal (not slowed down).

Why does uploading seem to be unsuccessful while the torrent is downloading, yet very successful when the torrent is done downloading? Why does even a slow download speed severely hinder my browsing speed? Why does a good upload speed not hinder my web browsing speed?

Thank you so much. I will provide any other information that may help.

Also, I have done the test that checks whether your ISP is throttling BitTorrent. Results said my ISP appears to not be limiting me at all.

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My guess is your networking hardware or software cannot handle the strain of so many connections at once.

You were probably trying to download a very seed-heavy torrent.

Such as 1000+ seeds and fewer than 30 peers. ...you might hit max connections per torrent before you find more than 1 or 2 peers.

Once your torrent finishes downloading, all the seeds disconnect from you since they no longer have anything to give you. So your connection count plummets to just the few peers you have connected to you. That unloads your connection and allows other things (web browsing) to start functioning ok again.

We need more information and you definitely need to test with a newer version of uTorrent.

Try the 1st link in my signature.

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Yes, I used that guide before posting this thread. I will check out the new version though. It was a torrent with 50 - 100 seeds, if I'm not mistaken.

EDIT: Ok, I have installed the new version. Now uploads are very slow. I had to add to my allow list in PeerGuardian, even though my port is forwarded on my router. I hadn't done this when i had version 1.6.1 (I'm not sure I ever did "check if port is working properly" in that version though.

Every once in awhile the green circle on the bottom that indicates a good connection turns into the yellow triangle :/

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