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While My Upload ADSL Line Speed Is 255Kbps...?


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Dear utorrent support team and developers good day,

While my adsl line is for upload 255kbps i cannot upload in utorrent speeds faster than 3~10kb/sec

that is , i can only upload with maximum 3~10 kb/sec all the day...all the hours

Yes the green icon is appearing that writes that there isnot a network problem and that it is working like it should be,,,,

i have done some speed tests through browser with some programs and all find my fully upload speed.....255 kbps.... no problems at all.

so please how to make utorrent upload with all my speed ?


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Are you sure you're not confusing download and upload speeds?

You may have 256 kilobits/second download speed max and only ~96 kilobits/second upload speed max.

The speeds in uTorrent are in KiloBYTES/second -- so it takes about 8-10 kilobits/second PER KiloBYTE/second.

Your ISP may be throttling BitTorrent traffic to less than the max speed of your connection.

Also, the settings you use in uTorrent may reduce your effective upload speed max.

Every connection uTorrent maintains costs some download and upload bandwidth...cutting into upload speed for torrent files.

Having too few or too many upload slots at once is bad too.

For your connection, if it can only upload at 10 KiloBYTES/second, that's 3 total upload slots.

...or 4 upload slots AT ABSOLUTE MOST.

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Good Morning Dear Switeck,

Well i have 1 MB ADSL for downloading and 255 kbps for uploading,

that is a maximum 25 KB/sec for upload..... and 100 KB/sec for download...

but i only upload with 0,1 ~ max 10 KB /SEC in utorrent....

yes i only have 4 max upload slots.......

how can i found if

" ISP does throttling BitTorrent traffic to less than the max speed of your connection " ?

please help and thanks for your reply.

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You'll have to ask other people locally to you that are on the same ISP if they also have similar problems with BitTorrent clients. Busy computer stores are good places to ask.

And do web searches (using GOOGLE or some other search engine) and hope you get lucky.

Are you seeing peers disconnect from you quickly?

What sort of pattern is the upload speed graph? (bursty, slow waves, constant at 10 KB/sec but no higher?)

sweethizashi here:


...Seems to be on the same ISP as you (athedsl-######.home.otenet.gr).

...And seems to be having more severe problems than you.

Either way, I think your ISP may be messing with BitTorrent traffic. :(

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Dear Sir Switeck hello,

here is the photo some minutes ago from inside the client:


for direct image plz see:


Yes i dont have any problems with download speed...it uses max speed...

i also dont have upload speed problems while upload something through browser.....

I didnt have any problems with upload speed before since this last week...

i am using utorrent many months,,, year ++.....

I recently made an upgrade to pc new hardware devices ,,,

cpu ,,,ram,,,,motherboard...

Does this update infects the upload speed ?......

because i was using utorrent with the old pc P4 1,70GHZ 512 RAM for year++ and having no problem at all ,,,

Now i use CPU 64 X 2 DUAL CORE 2.00GHZ RAM 4GB .....windows xp sp3...

just wondering and sorry for asking about it...

And again sir Switeck THANKS VERY MUCH for replying....

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I can't tell from the image if you're connected to 1 peer or 100+ peers.

Nor can I tell if you're disconnecting from them often, explaining the wavy upload speeds.

But it seems you are NOT uploading nearly as fast as one would expect with a 256 kilobits/second upload speed max. :(

(This may be due to connecting to only very few+slow peers.)

Others on same ISP is having problems:



IGITIHI (also on same ISP) said ISP is shaping BitTorrent traffic:


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Dear Switeck Hello,

well here is the new upload photo , yes it finally uses max upload speed again after the last week .

very strange ,

how do you explain this ?.......

may they use traffic shapping some days of the week ? or some specific hours ?

specific days ?.....

or because the ISP doing an upgrade on their network ? on some areas .....

what is your opinion ?

please see this new photo:



or direct link:


And thanks for your great replies and help on this forum!!!

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Your graph shows you unable to upload at the full 30 KiloBYTES/second.

By my estimate, you can only sustain about 27 KiloBYTES/second upload.

I can't tell if your peers are disconnecting as a result of it, since you blacked out so much.

The LOGGER tab would show if peers are disconnecting.

You can scroll the top window you know to hide filenames and such, or widen/shrink columns.

Knowing how many torrents you're trying to run at once might help too...as too many or too few can cause stalling. A torrent can be started and considered inactive if no peers are being uploaded/downloaded from.

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Well, I'd set it even lower than that. Start @ 20 KiB upload limit. IF no impaction on your internet browsing or other online activities occurs, increase it by 2 KiB until you notice problems then back off 1 KiB. Set that as your "upload while not downloading" in Preferences, and then download http://slackware.com/torrents/ for a minute and THEN try to upload--seeing how high your upload can get. Downloading while uploading reduces your available bandwidth.

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Dear Master Switeck and Dear Sir thelittlefire Good Morning !!!

Hello to all utorrent members and support team of this forum !!!

Well here are the new photos.

The graph of upload speed is very good i think....uses max upload speed and really improved since the last week

here it is:


or direct:


The other photo is showing some peer traffic,,,from the logers tab ,,, it is always the same average in all the day .....since the last week

here it is:


or direct:


The other photo is from seeding a torrent:


or direct:


The last one is again from the second torrent that is seeding:


or direct:


Both alive and working the last days!!

All photos new captured today!!

Thanks a lot to all utorrent support team and members for their replies and help.

Bye for now....

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Sadly in NONE of your latest pictures are you actually uploading as fast as you told uTorrent to.

You REALLY need to reduce max upload speed to 25 KiloBYTES/second or lower. :(

...ESPECIALLY while downloading!

You can use the alternate upload speed while not downloading to upload a little faster...but I still say your connection appears incapable of exceeding maybe 26 KiloBYTES/second upload. :(

Your logger tab screenshot shows constant disconnects...within seconds of connecting to EACH peer or seed! Possibly this is due to them being seeds and you are seeding?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Dear Master Switeck hello,

thanks for your great replies! and help in this forum!

yes you are right , i correct the max upload speed ,

now i can upload the max speed 25KB/sec ,

( i dont know for how long )...... ?....who knows ?......

I wish you the very best for your life and wish you happy holidays and summer time with your family and friends!!!

and if you have anything to report from the log file plz post it when you can ,

Thank you very much!!!




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