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seeding to a single leech


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hi, i just finished downloading a file, and im trying to seed it to my girlfriends utorrent. but its only giving her 5-10kb a second, so i wanted to stop seeding to others for a short time and help her finish. is there any way to do this? if not is there anyway to make it so i seed faster then 200kb a second?

edit= also is it possible to use hamachi as a tracker? please help

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You can only upload as fast as your ISP allows you.

And for ComCast, that's about 2 megabits/second (about 200 KiloBYTES/second) sustained for the upper tier service.

You could turn off "Allow incoming legacy connections" and set outgoing connections to FORCED encryption...and that would eliminate probably some of the peers connected to you. (The ones running without encryption, that is.)

To eliminate more than that, you'd have to use uTorrent's ip blocklist file, ipfilter.dat

If the ip you want to keep is for example:

Then ipfilter.dat could block:

(note the only allowed ip would be

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