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Enhance categories pane-view for flexible filtered viewing


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Since filtering is an important feature, and this categories pane is limited in showing various statuses, examples are

a. not being able to see all w/o the stopped ones

b. not being able to see only uploading ones


here is what I suggest to achieve :

1. be able to see torrents in ALL statuses

2. be able to see ALL combinations of statuses

3. not over crown the space in that pane

4. flexible to do +/- (join/union) on categories




1. make a tree view of the status categories levels:

1st 2nd

A + active [double arrows]



B + inactive [black dot]

-stopped/paused DLing

-stopped/paused seeding


C + downloading [blue arrow]

- active

- stopped/paused DLing

- error-ed

D + completed/seeding [green check-mark]

- active/seeding

- completed/paused seeding

- error-ed

2. make possible to multi-select any/all level in two possible ways/actions:

a. union - show only the common items to those selected

b. join - show all items in those selected

a- will be done (for example) by control OR shift click(s)

b- will be done by control AND shift click(s) together

any comments ?

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