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Neverending leecher (NOT the stuck problem)


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Hi, I observe a strange phenomenon: a leecher that has 99.9 of the torrent yet he keeps downloading and uploading. The torrent is okay. The leecher is using Bitcomet 1.02

I watched it for over a day, it is completely impossible. Is it a fake leecher?

Or is utorrent not seeing the correct percentage?

What is happening?

Anyone any suggestions?

Have a great day,


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That leecher apparently is getting hash fails over and over again, probably due to bad networking hardware or software.

It's only remotely possible that it's a fake leecher. Is its ip address 38.x.x.x or 208.x.x.x? :P

Probably best to block that ip using ipfilter.dat ...then remove that ip in about a week. :)

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Thanks for the replies, it is still going on.

I can't imagine he would be having failed hash checks now for more than 300 Mb while he managed to get to 99.9%. It's like a bottomless pit !

It's really suspicious, so I'll block him...

IP: 78.69. ...


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D-Link DMZ Data Destroyer probably at work.

Some poor schmuck in Sweden (78.69.x.x maps out to Telia Network Services ISP in Sweden) is probably using a D-Link router in DMZ "gaming" mode...which has a low but non-zero chance of corrupting specific packets. Problem is, the packets it corrupts...it ALWAYS corrupts! So that 1 out of a million packet that gets corrupted will be corrupted however many times it gets resent. :(

Just block that ip and hope he figures it out...

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